Front drive with eight person capacity, short wheel-base with wide track, at the factory. Note the see-through front panel, which allows excellent visibility immediately in front of the vehicle. Optional roof rack and beacon fitted.



Rear view of front drive passenger vehicle. Eight person capacity, short wheel base. Note the low "step in" height, unique to Axtrack vehicles.



 View of cockpit showing adjustable seats and more than adequate headroom.






 Front drive, long wheel-base in the Australian Alps. Shown with optional roof rack and work lamps. This vehicle has been used by Guthega Resorts Ltd. since 1990 as a general purpose carrier and rescue vehicle.



 Rear drive, long wheel-base, pickup with removable roof. It can carry upto one and a half tonnes. Note the aluminium bullbar. This vehicle has been used by a supermarket in Falls Creek, Australia, since 1990. Its function has been to bring in supplies to the supermarket, and run hourly deliveries around the resort during the height of the ski season. The rear drive configuration has been extremely reliable and user friendly, a stringent requirement when inexperienced casual workers are employed as drivers.



 Axtracks on display at Park City, U.S.A. Leading is a long wheel-base, rear drive pickup, in the middle is an eight passenger front drive and bringing up the rear is a short wheel-base pickup Axtrack with snow blade attached.



 Axtracks on display at Park City, U.S.A. Shown in the middle is a 2.2 metre (or 7 foot) wide snow blade.



 Side tip angle testing at Army proving grounds, Monageeta, Australia. Rear drive long wheel-base on narrow tracks. It reached 54 degrees!





The History of Axtrack...

The first Axtrack was built in Australia in 1973, as a small open carrier, for a ski lodge in the Australian alps. People took note of this vehicle carrying goods up the mountain year after year, and more were built to order. In 1988, a market survey was commissioned in the northern states of the U.S., which led the builder of the Axtrack to design a vehicle specifically for the American utility companies. This vehicle had to be an all mechanical drive, user friendly vehicle with long range capability and capacity to carry tools and equipment with the potential to fit bunks in the rear for over night accommodation. To make this possible the vehicle was fitted with a clutch/brake final drive system, based on bulldozer technology. The Axtrack can be fitted with a variety of engines and with manual or automatic transmissions. The long wheel-base uses five independently suspended wheels on either side, and the track is driven by a urethane coated sprocket. The design lends itself readily to full amphibious use, with minor changes to air intake and outlets.

Pre production samples were sold into the Australian alps. Despite their economical operation and reliability the market in Australia is extremely small and it has been difficult to find funding for export. We would like to hear from people in the U.S. or Canada, interested in bringing this project into commercial fruition.